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Irish Hill Farm
A family-owned farm and apiary located in Xenia Township, Ohio.
Currently Available:
Poultry products:
- Brown Eggs from free-range chickens, $4.00/dz 
---Must contact us to be put on customer list!

- Broiler Chickens, CornishX
- Taking orders for Summer 2019
Apiary (Bee) products:
Local Honey (mostly wildflower and clover):
---Pure Liquid Honey
--------8oz. Bear, $5.00
--------1lb. Plastic Jar, $6.00
--------1lb. Glass Jar*, $7.00
--------1.5lb. Glass Jar*, $11.00 (Pint Canning Jar)
--------2lb. Plastic Jar, $12.00
--------3lb. Plastic Jar, $16.00
--------3lb. Glass Jar*, $17.00 (Quart Canning Jar)
--------6lb. Glass Jar**, $32.00 (1/2-gal. Canning Jar)
--- SOLD OUT Chunk honey, $15.00 (Pint Canning Jar, 1-1/2lb.)
*$1 refund w Jar return
**$2 refund w Jar return
Beeswax from our hives, melted in a solar wax melter and filtered through a fine mesh cloth to remove non-wax particles:
--- 1oz. $2.00
--- 4oz. $4.00
--- 8oz. $6.00
---16oz. $10.00
Contact Us for bulk pricing 
Note: All prices are for local pick-up, or a weekday pick-up in Dayton if previously arranged (I work days M-F near downtown). Contact us for shipping cost.
Taking orders:
Pasture-raised broiler/roaster chickens for Summer 2019, $3.50/lb dressed (~5lb ea)
---Pre-order Now!

Pastured beef (Jersey Steers) by the half,
---Contact us, available Fall 2019.
Irish Hill Farm
1075 US ROUTE 42E
XENIA, OH 45385